Answering Frequently Asked Questions

Answering Frequently Asked Questions

Since launching View, we’ve heard some common questions on the products and upcoming feature abilities. Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions:


  • What does the viewer buy flow look like for an in-stream transaction? Within the stream, viewers can pop up the shopping cart, enter their information, and checkout without ever leaving your stream. Check out this video to see it in action!
  • Are you able to sell two different packages of the stream? Yes! You can sell tickets to your event as well as add-on experiences for VIP packages, exclusive Q&As after the event.
  • Can you limit the chat feature? Yes, you can turn on or off Group Chat functionality. Currently, the All Chat feature is always enabled.
  • Can you set it up so attendees can only ask the host questions? Not yet, but this is on our Roadmap!
  • Is there an option to turn off displaying names of attendees in the chat? Currently, there is not an option to change or hide attendee names in the chat.
  • Does Groupmatics View help promote my event? We have tons of promotion tools built into our product for email and social media promotion of your event. We are in the process of developing Creator Profiles for you to be able to promote all of your upcoming events and add-on experiences/merchandise items on one page.


  • Who is handling copyright streaming licensing? You handle the licensing. Since you are the owners of the content you stream through View, it is up to you to manage the copyright licensing of any music or content.

Technical Capacity

  • Is there a viewer capacity for the stream? There are no limits to viewer capacity, but there are additional fees to 1,000+ attendees.
  • Is there a max time the stream can go on for? 23 hours and 58 minutes! 
  • Are we able to use multiple cameras? Yes! You can use multiple cameras and multiple computers during your stream.
  • What program do you recommend using for the broadcast? We recommend OBS because it’s free and easy to use, but Groupmatics View works with many other broadcasting tools and you’re welcome to use any platform you’re comfortable with. Learn more about the platforms we are integrated with here.
  • Can there be multiple presenters and moderators? Yes, with View, you can present recorded content, have multiple presenters, a panel of speakers, and multiple moderators to monitor the chat and engagement with the audience.
  • Is it possible to record the stream? Yes, you can access a recording through View or record your stream through broadcasting tools like OBS or Zoom.

Event Costs

  • What are the costs of hosting free events? There are no fees or costs to hosting free events under 1,000 attendees. Connect with a Groupmatics View team member to discuss free events with over 1,000 attendees:
  • Are there additional fees (beyond the standard fee structure) for paid events with 1,000+ viewers? Yes, there is a $0.50 fee for all viewers after the first 1,000 on paid events. Please connect with a Groupmatics View team member to discuss any events with over 1,000 attendees.
  • What are the fees for fundraisers and donations? We only charge the 3% credit card processing fee on donations. There are no additional Groupmatics View fees on donations.

Have more questions? Check out or reach out to Ready to get started with your virtual event? Create an account!

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