Four Tips for Virtual Fundraisers

Four Tips for Virtual Fundraisers

Groupmatics View is designed to support nonprofits and organizations to collect donations through virtual events. With our easy event customization tools and in-stream purchase flows, you can deliver great content to your audience and stay connected to donors without in-person events.

Here are our top four tips for creating an engaging virtual fundraiser:

  1. Curate the experience
    Are you planning your annual gala or is this a VIP event for season ticket members? Will you be sharing organization updates, hosting a panel, or running an auction? Whatever the goal of your event is, tailor the virtual experience to match by configuring the registration process, admission type, in-event engagement tools, and programming.

  2. Deliver engaging content
    This may seem obvious, but your content needs to be even more engaging when you’re going virtual. But the good news is virtual events give you the ability to deliver new and different content to your audience. Now, everyone has a front-row seat so you can take attendees behind-the-scenes, answer questions in real-time, and engage with your audience individually. With a virtual fundraiser, you allow your audience to drive the content and make it personal to them.

  3. Encourage donations
    By leveraging in-stream purchase flows, you can encourage and track donations during your virtual event. Rather than sending donors to a separate page or doing a follow-up campaign, you can use your programming to direct people towards donating during your event. You can also recognize and thank donors live in real-time!

  4. Collect prospect data
    Collecting attendee data is essential for future campaigns and events. Through the registration and promotion process, be sure to collect attendee contact information, and during the event, use a tool that allows you to track audience engagement and donations so you can design future outreach that is personalized.
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