Introducing Groupmatics View

Introducing Groupmatics View

I’m going to tell you a story about how to generate revenue through virtual events. But first, there are a few things you need to know.

I’m 34 which puts me right in the middle of the Millennial generation. This allows me to have some nostalgia around those “get off my lawn” moments. I’m old enough to remember having to rewind a VHS tape and not having a cell phone. My favorite memory, sit down for this one, is walking to the library after school as a nine-year-old to read the newspaper to see if the Mariners had won, THE NIGHT BEFORE. I know, hopefully, you were sitting. Can you imagine not knowing if your favorite team had won until the afternoon of the next day?

On the flip side, I entered college in the fall of ’04, right around the time Facebook was starting to gain traction. I’ll never forget the first iPhone commercial, love at first sight. 

I tell you all this because I believe it’s allowed me to understand and see two points of view: the way things used to be and the way things are presently. It’s allowed me to understand where we came from but also the ability to embrace technology and be open to change. 

This has applied to my career as well. I sold group tickets for almost nine years, mostly “the way things used to be.” I’d take a deposit from a group leader, receive final payment 30 days before the game, and then print and mail the tickets. My first ticket sales job involved smiling and dialing from a phone book. I didn’t have access to a computer, so I took all my notes by hand on index cards. 

Early in ‘14, I was introduced to Groupmatics and instantly saw the value. All it took was one demo for me to understand that there was a better way to sell a ticket. I joined the Groupmatics team in ‘16. We used our technology to usher in the digital era for ticket sales teams by making the process to sell and manage tickets more efficient.

The past few months have brought more change and uncertainty. Similar to how we helped launch the tickets sales digital transformation, we’re choosing to embrace the recent change and provide a solution.  

We’re excited to launch our newest product, Groupmatics View. We designed View as an all-in-one tool to register, promote, and stream virtual events. It’s designed to monetize content to help you generate revenue now. Fans will eventually be allowed back and when they are, even better, you’ve created a virtual event revenue stream that can exist side by side with in-person events.

“Wait, I just got used to digital tickets, now I have to do this virtual thing?” 

“I don’t know, do you like money?”

“Yes, but virtual events sound confusing and who would pay for that?”

“Ever heard of Netflix? Quality paid online content is very engraved in our everyday lives.”

If you’re already creating content, View is a great way to monetize it. If you’re not creating content, now is a great time to get creative and put something into the world and engage your fanbase. 

Embrace the change and use it to fuel revenue.

Joe Rugo
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