Groupmatics Launches Virtual Events Platform, Groupmatics View

Groupmatics Launches Virtual Events Platform, Groupmatics View

Groupmatics Drives Sports and Entertainment Toward Virtual Events Amid COVID-19


Cleveland, OH: This week, Groupmatics, a digital ticketing platform, launched Groupmatics View, a virtual events solution for music, arts, entertainment, and sports organizations. Since being founded in 2012, Groupmatics has developed digital ticketing tools for over 300 organizations and has moved the ticketing industry toward more innovative and digital solutions. When live, in-person events were shut down by COVID-19 in mid-March, Groupmatics shifted their focus toward meeting the changing needs of the industry. After gathering feedback from current customers and fans, Groupmatics spent the last eight weeks developing Groupmatics View and released the new product on July 13th. 


The global pandemic caused a dramatic shift in how audiences engage with live entertainment and many artists, venues, and organizations were left unable to drive revenue without traditional in-person events. Seeing this gap, Groupmatics View was designed to provide an all-in-one solution for promoting, streaming, and monetizing virtual events so content creators could support themselves and their work during this time. Groupmatics’ Founder and CEO, Matt Mastrangelo, said “Majority of artists and creators can’t continue to give their content away for free. They need to generate revenue and do it in a way that protects their brand. That’s why we created Groupmatics View.” Groupmatics View allows creators to easily host and monetize events that are customized to their needs and audiences, and even when in-person events return, Groupmatics View will serve as a parallel revenue stream for entertainment organizations to grow and maintain their audience beyond their venue capacities.


Groupmatics View makes virtual events easy, so creators can focus on their content. The new platform includes:


  • A quick and easy event creation process
  • No subscription or upfront costs
  • Customizable admission prices (Free, Priced, or Pay What You Want)
  • Opportunities for in-stream purchasing and donation collection
  • Real-time analytics for tracking revenue and audience engagement

To learn more about Groupmatics View, visit


About Groupmatics: Founded in 2012 and based in Cleveland, OH, Groupmatics is an experienced, technology-focused company working with 300+ sports and entertainment organizations and venues across the world.

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