3 Tips to Maximize Sales for your Virtual Event

3 Tips to Maximize Sales for your Virtual Event

Congrats! You’ve made the decision to set up a virtual event. The event is built, agenda is set, now all you need are some sales!


After thousands of successful events, we know how to promote and sell effectively.  Follow these 3 tips to make the most your of your virtual event:


1 Consistency – Sales is hard! Thankfully, it is also a numbers game. The more time spent promoting, the larger audience you will reach, and the more sales you will generate. Consistency is key. Block off 15-30 minutes daily to promote your event.


Utilize View’s Performance dashboard to quickly track results. 


2 Influencers – You know your network the best. Who are the top three most influential people? Ask them for help sharing your event with their network. 


Utilize View’s Event Collaborator feature to include influencers and allow them to see their impact. 


3 Smarter > Harder – The time of day and day of the week is important when you promote your event. We see the highest level of purchases on Tuesday and Wednesday. Sales drop in half on Saturday and Sunday. During the week, people are most active on email mid-morning and later at night. We see more purchases from 9-11 am and 8-10 pm because of this. Set yourself up for success by scheduling your promotion when you know people will be active online.


Utilize View’s Promotion Tools and quickly spread the word through social media and email.


Joe Rugo
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