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From Artists to athletes, speakers to venues, Groupmatics View is made for all types of creators:


Our Team


Founded in 2012, we’re an experienced technology-focused company working with 300+ sports and entertainment organizations and venues across the world.




Who can use View?

Everyone! Artists, venues, promoters, athletes, celebrities, instructors, teachers, speakers, teams, sports facilities & more. Check out our blog for event ideas and key features by creator type.

What does it cost? What about free events?

There are no subscriptions or upfront costs! Plus, no transaction fees on free events (up to 1k viewers). Check out our revenue calculator to see how much you can make on your events.

What technology do I need to livestream? What is an encoder?

All you need is View, a laptop, and an encoder. When we say encoder, we’re referring to a piece of software that allows you to convert your video to a high-quality, streamable digital file. We recommend OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) because it’s free and easy. Download an encoder, test your audio/video, add the streaming credentials provided by Groupmatics, and start your stream!

How long does event setup take?

Minutes! Our intuitive, step-by-step process will walk you through creating an event and streaming it to attendees. It includes: ticketing your event, charging for add-ons, engaging with your audience, promoting your event, and setting up your encoder. You will never have to use multiple platforms again!

How do I monetize my virtual events?

View allows you to set an event admission price or have viewers pay what they want. You can even create custom add-ons (merchandise, experiences, etc.) that viewers can purchase in-stream! 

How do I share/promote my event? How will my viewers access the livestream?

Your event will have an event-specific URL that you can promote directly from your View dashboard or by copying/pasting/sharing the link. Anyone that registers will immediately receive an email confirmation containing a unique link and instructions for accessing the event.

How do I get paid? What is the turnaround time?

We’ll transfer your money via ACH immediately after your event. You’ll be able to add your bank account and routing numbers on your View dashboard – we’ll handle the rest.

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